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“ 'The most beautiful Russian girl.' Russian top-model Natalia Sokolova was nominated as one of the twenty most beautiful and sexy women of the world for the past year among leading world beauties – Claudia Shiffer, Cindy Crawford and Pamela Anderson. The survey was done by American Statistical Agency Forums. More than 15 million people in 36 countries participated. The agency chose not to divide places between twenty ladies because they are all beauteous.” - Life (issue #9, 2000 Moscow, Russia)

Right before graduation from the University of Maryland Natalia competed in the Hawaiian Tropics International Swimwear pageant in Las Vegas where she won the title of the First Runner Up. This annual search for the most beautiful woman in the world is now the second largest pageant in the world. Over 1,500 pageants are run in the U.S. alone and the pageants are held in 45 other countries to select finalists. After the contest Natalia was approached by Playboy. She accepted the offer following graduation and soon after, she moved to Los Angeles.

Since she appeared on the pages of Playboy as miss April 1999 Natalia was featured in more than thirty national and foreign editions including several covers. She has just finished shooting a pictorial for Maxim with a French photographer Florent Carmin. European magazine CKM has given her a cover and several pages with the interview in July 2002 issue. Russian Maxim published her interview and pictorial in February, 2004 issue.

Continuing her work in fashion and commercial industry, volunteering in different charities Natalia has traveled around the world and was featured in press in many countries. You can also find her in the big screen in Swordfish and Crocodile Dundee in LA, and currently she is working on the film Coroner as a lead female.

Natalia has had several appearances on TV shows such as Baywatch, Sabrina –the Teenage Witch, Cannonball Run, The X Show, It’s Like, you Know…, The Dating Game; featured in Extra, E!-Entertainment, KTLA Morning News, FOX News, Entertainment Tonight, CBS News, ABC News, Ch. 3. She performed in several music videos such as: 883, (Italy), 2X- Centrix, Limp Bizkit, Godsmack, Ultraphonics.

Natalia Sokolova had to come a long way before landing on covers and pages of multiple magazines. From Russia to Los Angeles, this Russian beauty is not only stunning and intelligent, she has perseverance required to have recovered an almost deadly car accident.

Born October 15, in Moscow, Russia, Natalia comes from a long line of Russian academics. Her grandfather was a former renowned inventor from the former Soviet Union. Her mother, an award-winning scientist, along with her father is both PhD academics. Natalia grew up with the attitude of working hard to achieve your goals and to make the most of every minute.

Since intelligence and excellence are in her genes, Natalia was always an excellent student. This gave her the opportunity to travel the world, as she was selected to represent Russia in several competitions and events.

She represented Russia in Japan as a Peace Child and she stayed in London for a month where she had the chance to perfect the English skills she already had. Thanks to her stay in London, she won a language competition organized by the Moscow State University. Natalia’s ease with the English language came in handy when she was an exchange student in the US, where she studied at Springbrook High School in Maryland, in 1993.

Although she greatly enjoyed her stay in the US, it was difficult for her to part with her parents and her dog, Archibald II Von Blue Bobs, or Arik. Graduating with honors, Natalia went on to study at the University of Maryland in Baltimore, at the age of 16.

Her studies at the University were cut short when she was in a car accident on Halloween, confining her to life in a wheelchair. With a broken backbone, partial paralysis, numbness, and several dysfunctional internal organs, hopes for recovery looked pretty dim for Natalia.

Natalia retuned to University in 1994, but returned to Moscow after a year of physical training at a rehabilitation clinic. Two years later and finally being able to walk thanks to rehab and a lot of inner strength, Natalia returned to the University of Maryland and her studies in international business and finance. She finally graduated in 1998 with a 3.8 GPA.

She still goes to visit her family in Moscow and her father who lives in Switzerland, since family is extremely important to her.

Natalia is not only a model for her stunning appearance, but also for her strong will and brilliance. Still, we can’t deny that her physical attributes are enough to make us stare for quite a while.

Wherever you first saw her though, chances are that you were unable to forget her ever since.
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